Do you still take requests?

Send in what you’re thinking of and I’ll see! :D

i don’t have anything to say

vintage 1950s white and black bows party dress [x]

(as always, feel free to remove comment from this line down)

i ended up making the bows tinier than they are on the dress because there’s just not enough room otherwise. this looks really really really good in motion, trust me i wasn’t 100% on this design until i ran to the museum to find a photo location. it moves really well and now i’m beyond smitten with it. it’s weird to say since every dress is just pixels on the same base but it’s way swishier than any other dress i’ve seen! try it out!

Just as an aside, y’all know you’re free to delete my comments, just leave the blockquote and source link, right? I’ve been known to get kinda rambly (though i’m working on it)

Neiman Marcus Black & Ivory Organdy Halter Cocktail Dress [x]

first of many collaborations with a five year old! (she picks the outfit, i make it. way easier than picking myself!)


guess who’s back and has made animal crossing a part of their every other daily tasks on habit rpg bc they’ve been neglecting their town? that’s right, it’s me, my remaining villagers were mad at me for disappearing for two months and all my favorites have moved away (first t-bone… then puddles… now even dizzy is gone! hopefully diva will never leave me…)

Enjoy this celebratory gold-studded leather jacket! there’s also a short sleeved version if you want to punk responsibly and avoid heat stroke, message me if you want me to post it because it’s hilarious tbh

can i use your designs as my villager's clothes? thank you!~

Of course you can! They’re free for use for whoever you want to use them for! c:

Sorry I haven’t been around much, by the way, I got busy and then I just haven’t had the energy to play. I just joined HabitRPG tho and I’m making it an Every Other Daily to play Animal Crossing since my town is so neglected, as is this blog!

Modcloth's Budding Starlet Dress in Emerald (x)

request by emeralddreamer

i’m looking at this and i’m looking at the two thelees shirts i did and i think it’s fairly safe to say that dresses are definitely my comfort zone oh no i guess i will have to make the rest of that photoset just for practice

tried a new thing and uploaded both the pale and tan versions of the dress btw so that

i gotta get cracking on getting mannequins tho bc i wanna get some cute outfits going and do my posts up all pretty like those proper animal crossing blogs im just here in my corner holding this up like “hey guys thing!!!” and if i’m lucky i’ll end up on like the fridge like “that’s nice dear you really gave it your best effort”

do you think you could make the blue and white polka dot dress with the white collar? that would be awesome :)

hhhh which one do you mean, this one? or? sorry ahh i’d be happy to just gotta be sure which one you mean ;u;

oorrr did you mean just in general bc i could probably throw something suuper cute together with those specifications hhh

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